About me

If you are here like me, you made a commitment to take your life to the next level. Together we will embark on an incredible journey to find strategies, systems, and resources that not only will make your life more successful, but also ensure that you achieve an extraordinary level of personal satisfaction.

For over 25 years I am a researcher and studious of the human soul. I went through many sufferings, emotional and financial needs. I got to work on the streets collecting paper and aluminum for survival. I grew up with my grandmother and I was abandoned by my father, I went through all stages of heartaches. At 14 years old, I met a fantastic philosophy called Seicho-No-Ie and redeemed myself.

Thereafter I never stopped studying. I already helped many people solve their conflicts.
  • Master Coach
  • Post Graduate in Psychology Multifocal
  • Marketing Technologist

I realized how much people fail to achieve great achievements just because they do not trust their true potential. My job is just to get you to expand your consciousness, to find out that is indeed able to make great strides towards a more successful life.

I consider myself a learner of the art of living, of being and the art of loving. So I think if it was possible for a boy who lived on the streets is possible for anyone. I act in a multidisciplinary way with Coaching, multifocal and positive psychology and mentoring drawing on the many success stories that have followed, seeking to solve problems and enhance results. I believe the human being.

Through years of research and study, I could see and verify that all, in essence, are beings with potential, an ability sometimes the form ready to be modeled.


I always knew that I wanted to change people's lives.

It was years working in this area until I decided to do my training on Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching®. From there, I acquired knowledge and tools that have accelerated this transformation process drastically. To hear a customer that the work we accomplished together was able to change his life is something that, to me, is priceless! I was fortunate enough to work in many successful cases: A professional for many years felt unhappy in his job and needed changes; A couple that had their marriage ruined had a nice turn around. So you can count on me to achieve the necessary transformation for you achieve your happiness and satisfaction! You can get in touch before to get my services, please contact us by email or phone*. If you have any questions about the process of coaching and how I work I can tell you. We can schedule a session free* in which you will discover the potential you have to achieve great things.


  • MBA in Coach byFAAP – São Paulo – SP
  • Postgraduate in Multifocal Psychology, Psychology by FEAD – Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais
  • Technologist in Marketing, Marketing / Management, General by Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
  • Master Coach and Exexutive Coach Executivo with international certification by BCI - Behavioral Coaching Institute
  • Professional Personal Coach, by SBC Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching
  • Executivo Coach, by SBC Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching
  • Positive Coach trained in Extreme Positive Coach by SBCoaching
  • Mentoring and Consulting and Supervision for Coaches by SBCoaching
  • Career Coaching by SBCoaching
  • Member of Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching
  • Coach Specialist in Relationships by Shepherd & Co. “Executive
  • Coaching for results "- Certified by Institute of Coaching Research(ICR) e Brian O. Underhill
  • Coaching "Strategic Leadership in the XXI century: the challenges of leading a global team effectively" - Certified by Institute of Coaching Research(ICR) e Katherine Tulpa
  • Coaching for "Change Inspiring: Emotion Neuroscience & Relationships
  • Resonators "- Certified by Institute of Coaching Research(ICR) and Angela Passarelli
  • Behavioral Analyst with ASSESSMENT TRAINING – DISC e MOTIVADORES - International Certification in Behavioral Theory DISC and Values / Motivators For TTI-Success Insights International
  • “Unleash the Power Within” certified by Robbins Research Internacional, Inc. An Anthony Robbins Company on UPW New York 2015
  • “Business Mastery” Strategies to Thrive in any Economic Period, Certified by Robbins Research Internacional, Inc. An Anthony Robbins Company on BM Las Vegas 2015
  • Co-founder of the Potencialize Program : An immersion in the Self
  • Founder of the Academy of Self Confidence


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